High Density Mobile Storage

High-density mobile storage can be utilized in virtually every industry to help maximize space to its full capacity. We can help you get started.

What would you do with more space?

The companies we work with have a million answers to that question—and high-density mobile storage turns wishful thinking into reality.

Whether it’s simply more space for additional items or creating room for additional operations or collaborative spaces, compact mobile storage eliminates fixed aisles by placing stationary shelving and cabinets on carriages that move back and forth. This allows 100% accessibility to your items, all while uncovering new space that will have a positive impact on your business.

Any type of storage units or shelving can be mounted on mobile carriages—4-post shelving, Case-Type shelving, and cantilever shelving —as well as the existing shelving and cabinets you already own.

High-density mobile storage can be used in countless applications—take a look below:

Keeping Weapons Organized & Secure

At the Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, a weapons storage solution was needed. The requirements? The system would need to provide quick, organized access to weapons—and at the same time, possess the security needed to prevent those weapons from movement, vibration, and abrasion. A high-density mobile storage system was used in conjunction with a heavy-duty weapons rack to accomplish this feat.

Condensing Law Library Book Storage

A University Law Library was experiencing a constant influx of books and materials, students, and faculty—and needed to maximize space. By utilizing a high-density mobile shelving unit paired with cantilever shelving, the library was able to maximize the height of the system and eliminate the aisles to house the entire collection in one central location, while accommodating for future collections.

Protecting Valuable Evidence

With new state statutes, increases in reversed convictions, and advances in DNA testing, law enforcement agencies are keeping evidence longer than ever before. This contributes to a major lack of storage space in property and evidence rooms—and because of this, many police departments in Northern California have transitioned to using high-density mobile storage as a way to compact their current evidence inventory and create space to house additional items.

Modes of Operation

Our standard high-density mobile shelving is available in three modes of operation:



Activated by the push of a button, powered high-density mobile shelving can be equipped with different controls (Standard push-button, infrared capable, secure touchpad aisle access control, or a LCD touchscreen control) depending on the security and access needs of your business, as well as several safety options.


For this option, mobile shelves are moved by turning an ergonomically designed, three-spoke rotating handle. With only one pound of effort, users are able to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. Similar to the powered mobile systems, mechanical-assist systems are available with a variety of safety options.


A cost-effective alternative to the mechanical-assist control; systems are moved by pulling a straight handle to move shelves from side to side—ideal for systems with lighter loads.

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