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Ventilated Chemical Storage Systems

Ventilated Chemical Storage for Laboratories

When working in a laboratory, safety is of the utmost importance—especially when it comes to storing and handling various chemicals.

Chemical Storage Risks

It does not matter whether the lab is part of a university campus, medical complex or private organization, working in close proximity to potentially hazardous chemicals means that certain precautions must be taken.

One of these precautions is ensuring that chemical supplies are kept organized and secure. Preventing unauthorized access to these materials is essential, as is making sure that the storage area is properly ventilated. When chemicals are improperly stored or handled, they may pose a serious threat to human safety and health.

Even if the chemical storeroom is locked and secured, it can still become overcrowded and disorganized. This presents a whole new type of safety concern! Overstocked shelves can increase risk of accumulating fumes, lack of visibility, spills and misplaced inventory.

Chemical Storage Solutions

For a storage solution that will increase capacity, provide sufficient ventilation, improve safety and security, and allow researchers to easily access materials, we recommend Spacesaver mobile shelving.


Features and benefits of this storage solution include:


  • Eliminate wasted storage space with compact mobile units, which can easily be moved with the push or a button or turn of a handle.
  • Lockable glass-paneled doors improve visibility and accessibility of materials, as well as security.
  • Promote airflow and ventilation with slotted shelves and flexible ductwork.

Check out this 3D virtual tour of an installation completed for Bel Costa Labs.


Contact Systems & Space today to find out how our ventilated mobile storage systems can improve the safety and security of your chemical laboratory.


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