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University Library Storage Systems – Mobile Library Shelving

University Library Storage Systems

When you look around your college or university library, what do you see? Does the answer include books and other learning materials piled up on carts and stacked in aisleways? Or perhaps students struggling to find quiet, available spaces to sit and study?


For many campus libraries, this is the daily reality. Ever-growing collections of books and student body populations can make it nearly impossible for library staff to keep up with the rate of growth.


These libraries can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of learning materials, and taking older versions off the shelves only partially solves the problem. Where can these archived materials be stored over the years, so that they remain in good condition and accessible to students and professors?


Students also need access to quiet and comfortable spaces for studying, as well as designated areas for meeting and collaborating with their peers. But when most of the library’s available space is being used for book storage, these studying and meeting areas can become scarce.


With all of these diverse needs and uses in mind, how can university administrators make the most of available space in their campus libraries? The answer is simple – they need to get creative with their storage solutions.

High Density Mobile Library Shelving

High density mobile shelving is an ideal solution for college and university libraries seeking optimized storage space for their ever-growing collections. By mounting shelving units onto a carriage and rail system, the need for fixed aisles is eliminated. This minimizes the required floor space and allows more library shelving units to be utilized within a compact area.


By updating your library with mobile shelving units, you will be able to stock your shelves with a larger collection of books and other materials for your students and professors to access. These units are also a great option for off-site archival collections.


Optimizing your campus library’s existing storage space will not only reduce clutter and improve the accessibility of learning materials, it will also free up floor space that can be used by students for studying and collaborating.


These mobile shelving units are designed to grow and evolve along with your library, and can easily be relocated or reconfigured as your university’s needs change over the years. Prepare your campus library for continued future growth and improve the accessibility of your current collections with this highly adaptable storage solution.


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