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Take the Pain Out of Parcel Delivery with Keyless Lockers

Imagine the following scenario: you’re the manager of a local apartment complex, and in addition to overseeing resident move ins and move outs, collecting rent, paying bills, and maintaining the property, you’re also responsible for managing incoming packages for the residents.


One day, a resident comes into the office and asks to pick up their package. The only problem? Their parcel is nowhere to be found! The resident is sure that it should be there – they even have the delivery notification from the mail carrier – but after checking with the other employees, you still can’t locate it.


Was the parcel misplaced by one of your employees? Did the mail carrier make a mistake? Is the tracking information that the resident received incorrect? Was the package accidentally picked up by another resident? Unfortunately, there’s usually no easy way to find out what went wrong.


Parcel Delivery Woes are Becoming More Common

Situations like this happen all the time, and can lead to unhappy residents and bad reviews. Even when parcel deliveries go right, they still pull busy building managers away from more pressing work, and cause frustration for residents who may not be able to leave work in time to pick up their packages during the leasing office hours.


Parcel delivery mishaps affect more than just apartment complexes; they also impact businesses, universities, and other buildings that receive and manage large quantities of incoming packages. Mailroom attendants in corporate offices are responsible for handling important business parcels and documents, which may have severe consequences if they get lost or end up in the wrong person’s hands.


As online ordering continues to grow, parcel delivery is becoming a bigger pain for building managers, employees, landlords, apartment residents, and others.

Simplify Parcel Delivery with Keyless Lockers

Keyless lockers take the pain out of parcel delivery by providing an easy, automated system for managing and distributing packages. Our keyless lockers come in a range of materials, colors, and compartment sizes, to accommodate parcels of all shapes and sizes.


Here’s how parcel delivery works with our keyless lockers, in 3 easy steps:


  1. When the mail carrier arrives at the parcel delivery station, they select an appropriately sized locker based on the size of the package, and place the parcel inside.
  2. With the push of a button, they generate a random one-time use code. This code, along with the locker number, is automatically sent by email or SMS to the parcel recipient.
  3. The parcel recipient is free to visit the locker, enter the code, and pick up their package at any time they want – even outside of office hours.

It’s Really That Easy!

With this painless process, you no longer have to spend hours managing incoming mail or worrying about misplaced packages. Recipients are kept in the loop about their parcel deliveries, and are able to pick up their packages at their own convenience, regardless of their schedules.



Would you like to take the pain out of parcel delivery for your apartment complex, business, university, or building mailroom – for good?


Learn how our keyless locking systems can help – contact us or request a quote!


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