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Medical Supply Storage Ideas

Hospitals and other medical facilities are often busy, fast-paced work environments…which, when lacking efficient organization, can quickly become stressful for nurses and other employees.


Medical supply rooms should be orderly and methodical, with supplies that are easy to locate and access. Not only does this maximize valuable floorspace, it allows nurses to spend less time tracking down supplies and more time doing the work that really matters: caring for patients.


The flexible healthcare storage solutions below can help hospitals and medical facilities better manage their supplies and operate at a more efficient level.

Modular Medical Casework


From nurse stations to exam rooms to laboratories, modular casework is the ideal storage solution for hospitals and other medical centers. Not only does this solution meet your needs in the present moment, it also offers the flexibility to be easily moved and repurposed as your facility’s needs change over the years.


Cut down on steps and save both time and money with modular medical casework, which can be configured to suit:

  • Nurse stations
  • Lab areas
  • Procedure rooms
  • Exam rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Dental offices
  • Office areas
  • Break areas
  • Reception areas


Frame WRX Modular Bin Shelving & Carts

Due to a lack of viable options, many hospitals resort to storing important medical supplies in standard cabinets and drawers. But even when kept perfectly organized and clean, these cabinets and drawers can make finding the correct supplies an arduous, time-consuming process – especially when the required item is stuffed in the corner behind other supplies.


FrameWRX modular bin shelving is a storage and organizational solution that offers the ultimate accessibility and flexibility for hospitals. That’s because FrameWRX shelves maximize visibility, making it easy for nurses and other hospital employees to find the supplies they need quickly.


This storage solution is comprised of a basic frame, a unique rail system, and a host of components such as bins and shelves that hang on a horizontal rail. The rails can be adjusted to accommodate either horizontal or sloped storage, and bin options include plastic or wire.

FrameWRX HD & WRXWheels

When space is especially limited, FrameWRX HD is an ideal option. This high-density solution compresses two rows of storage into one deeper space, ultimately saving an aisle. FrameWRX is also available as a transportable hospital cart: WRXWheels. This cart was created to adapt to constantly changing supply needs, and features options like vertical handles and work surfaces.


All of these FrameWRX solutions emphasize visibility, flexibility and efficiency, in turn allowing nurses to spend less time chasing down supplies and more time focusing on providing optimal patient care.

ActivRAC Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving

Keeping hospitals and clinics as sterile as possible has become a top priority, and that need has trickled down to sterile storage. Stainless steel ActivRAC mobile racking systems offer a heavy-duty storage option that won’t rust or corrode – ideal for laboratories and other critical areas that demand sterile storage.


Additionally, ActivRAC makes the most of available space by mounting existing pallet racking or shelving on mobile carriages. For busy hospitals needing to maximize their storage space, this is the ideal option.


To learn more about these medical supply storage solutions, contact Systems & Space today.


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