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Storage Solutions for Emergency Situations

Case Study: Emergency Storage Solutions

October 2017 was a devastating month for the residents and businesses of Sonoma County, when a series of more than 250 wildfires broke out across the region. This “Northern California firestorm,” as it came to be called, burned for nearly a month straight. During this time frame the fires caused $9.4 billion worth of damage, damaged 8,900 structures, and forced 90,000 evacuations.

One of those local businesses affected by the fires was a Santa Rosa-based tech company. In the wake of the fires, this tech company temporarily relocated more than 1,000 of its employees to Rohnert Park in Sonoma County. They split their employees between two available office locations, snagging any and all floor space that was available.

The Problem: Insufficient Storage Space

Unfortunately, the new space was highly limited. Not only were the employee workstations minimal, but they also offered no room whatsoever for personal storage. Just as the employees themselves were squeezed in wherever there was an available spot in the new office space, so was the case for their lockers.

In need of a fast storage solution, this tech company reached out to a trusted furniture dealer in Santa Rosa, placing an urgent request for storage lockers that emphasized efficiency over esthetics. This furniture dealer in turn contacted Jordan Jaime, System & Space’s Sales Planner for the VAR (Valued Added Resource) market.

The Systems & Space Evaluation

In response, Jordan scheduled a quick visit to the tech company’s new locations to assess the office spaces and come up with a viable solution.

After evaluating the cramped storage situation, the Systems & Space team set out to create a plan for optimizing the tech company’s workspace. In just two weeks of collaboration and brainstorming, the team finalized the proposed solution and sent a quote to the tech company…who issued a purchase order the very same day!

The Storage Solution

The new lockers and locks were expedited to the ensure installation would take place within a month of the purchase order. What started out as 300 lockers was transformed into a total of 916 new lockers, each equipped with a BeCode MiniPAD programmed for Day Use.

The Day Use setting allows employees to utilize any available locker on any given day to store their items, using a code of their choice. At the end of the day, once the lock is opened and their items are retrieved, the locker will remain unlocked and available for the next user. This is a more flexible approach to employee storage than assigned lockers, which was a priority for the tech company.

Now, thanks to quick action and excellent communication, all lockers have been successfully installed and are available for the relocated tech company employees to use. Sonoma County has a long road of recovery ahead, but solutions like this one can allow displaced businesses to keep up with productivity and stay afloat as they rebuild.


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