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Storage needs vary widely from industry to industry, from business to business, and from person to person. When investing in a new storage system, it’s important to have a detailed understanding of the needs of your unique situation and to choose the product and design that will be most effective. Whether those needs are large or small, simple or complex, SSI has the storage expertise to help make the best choice for you. 

 Focus on Function

Storage solutions should be chosen with function in mind, meaning you’ll need to visualize how the storage area and its contents play into the everyday operations of your business. Do the contents need to be accessed frequently? Should everyone be able to get to them easily, or does access need to be controlled? What about the products themselves — do they have special requirements in terms of temperature, moisture control, or safety that will need to be addressed when planning the storage space? Thinking about these issues in advance will help streamline your storage solution selection process. 

Your checklist for engaging with these function issues should be based on your industry. For example, a common storage issue for law enforcement agencies involves the need for evidence lockers. In terms of functionality, evidence lockers not only need to be secure, they also need to protect the chain of custody to avoid legal ramifications. For this reason, law enforcement agencies might consider “pass-thru” storage lockers that allow items to be deposited on one side and retrieved on the other. 

Laboratories have similarly specific requirements, where the workspace must be laid out in a way that allows workers to move quickly and safely through the design in order to do their jobs effectively. To add further complexity, storage solutions in lab settings must often meet specific chemical and temperature requirements to appropriately preserve the contents. Storage experts are well-versed in these issues and can help you make the best choices. 

See about Space

Space is a commodity like any other; the amount of space you have available will affect the amount and kind of storage solutions you need. Likewise, space availability and design is likely to change as your business grows or new business strategies are implemented. If your workspace is constantly evolving, or likely to change in the near future, you might want to consider modular casework, which can be easily moved or redesigned, unlike built-in millwork. 

If you need even more flexibility, high-density mobile storage uses mobile carriages to allow shelving and cabinets to move anywhere, anytime. This setup keeps all items easily accessible while the space remains versatile, making it easy for your team to shift from an open, collaborative workspace to a streamlined series of aisles and back again as the need arises. Whether you’re focused on flexibility, stability, or both, it’s important to be aware of what each storage solution can offer.

Materials Matter

All storage solutions aren’t created equal. The relationship between storage space, location, and contents can mean the success or failure of your workplace goals. That’s why it’s important to consider not just what’s happening inside a storage container, but what the room around it looks like as well. 

In some settings, storage solutions may need to stand up to extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture, or lots of wear and tear as part of normal operations. For example, Phenolic Lockers are an ideal choice for damp or wet areas, like locker rooms, where resistance to moisture and humidity are crucial. As an added bonus, these systems are also corrosion and bacteria resistant, so they are safe and long-lasting. 

Whatever the unique characteristics of your space, our storage experts can help you find solutions that will hold up. 


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