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Retail Storage for Themed Restaurants

Themed restaurants are on the rise across America. Thanks in large part to social sharing, experiential dining is one of the fastest-growing restaurant trends. From horror-themed bars to tropical tiki-inspired eateries to robot cafes, themed restaurants are here to stay. 

Merchandise is a big part of creating a fully immersive themed restaurant experience—not to mention, a major profit generator for the business. But restaurants and retail operations each come with their own storage challenges; when combining the two into one business model, it’s easy for retail storage to get the short end of the stick.

Case Study: Improving Retail Storage at a Themed Restaurant

A popular themed restaurant in Florida was struggling to keep their storage area under control after expanding their retail offerings over the years. At the time, their storage space was overcrowded and disorganized, making it difficult for staff to locate and access merchandise. 

Clearly, this business was in need of increased storage capacity. But operating a restaurant and a retail store is already a major investment—what they really needed was a solution that would allow them to store more in the same amount of space, without costly expansions.

A local Spacesaver consultant helped design a high-density mobile storage system using the restaurant’s existing shelving. The consultant measured the space and worked with staff to understand what items they were storing and how they wanted to use the storage space. 

By eliminating wasted aisle space, this high-density mobile system was able to maximize the existing retail storage space to its full capacity—allowing the restaurant to store nearly double the amount of merchandise in the same amount of space. 

Optimized retail storage not only promotes efficiency and organization, it also prevents loss, theft, and damage of valuable merchandise. Additionally, it improves safety for staff members who need to access stored items.

Contact Systems & Space to learn more about how high-density mobile shelving can help your themed restaurant, bar, or cafe optimize storage of retail merchandise.


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