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The more an e-commerce business grows and evolves, the more challenging their storage needs will become. Increased inventory demands more storage capacity, which usually means renting a larger space. But in today’s competitive marketplace, many online retailers can’t afford taking that kind of hit to their bottom line.Although online retailers do not have brick-and-mortar sales floors to manage, they certainly have their own challenges to contend with: namely, a continuous flow of incoming orders, outgoing shipments, product returns, and exchanges. Not to mention storing hundreds (if not thousands) of SKUs, along with packaging and shipping supplies.

How can online retailers optimize their inventory storage and save space without the expense of upgrading to a larger warehouse? 

Case Study: Improving Warehouse Storage for an Online Retailer 

An Atlanta-based online retailer had been making web sales since 1996. Over the years, their inventory had continued to grow and grow, until they were stocking and shipping products from 30 different manufacturers. Their inventory soon overpowered their existing storage space, to the point where products were overflowing into their shipping department. It was clear that they urgently needed a more effective inventory storage solution.

The local Spacesaver consultant designed an ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System to optimize the online retailer’s inventory storage space. Mobile inventory storage is a cost-effective alternative to leasing additional space or expanding an existing facility, as it allows more shelving to be installed and accessed in the same amount of space.

This system has enough built-in aisle space to allow for a single aisle to be opened wide for stocking with a forklift before and after business hours. During the business day, multiple smaller aisles can be opened for quick and easy hand-picking. Slower-moving inventory is stored up top, while faster-moving items are kept on lower shelves for quicker retrieval.

The result? This online retailer has dramatically increased the efficiency of their warehouse, enabling them to ship up to 40% more items every month. Imagine what a 40% increase in product shipment could mean for your e-commerce business’s bottom line!

Struggling to keep up with inventory storage for your online retail store? Interested in optimizing your existing e-commerce warehouse storage space, rather than moving to a larger (and more expensive) facility? 

Contact Systems & Space for more information about how high density mobile storage can help you improve efficiency, save space, and improve access to your inventory.


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