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Mobile Shelving Safety Options: Increase Storage, Eliminate Hazards

Is Mobile Shelving Safe? 

High-density mobile shelving is a space-saving solution that can transform storage areas for nearly any organization. Industrial warehouses, healthcare clinics, laboratories, museums, universities, libraries and public safety departments are all examples of organizations that can benefit from mobile shelving.

Here’s how it works: Shelving units are mounted onto a carriage and rail system, and packed closely together so that only one aisle of floor space is occupied at a time. If an employee needs to access a different aisle, they can simply push a button or turn a mechanical-assist handle to open that aisle.

It’s easy to see the space-saving benefits of mobile shelving, but there’s one question that many business owners and employees have about this system: Is mobile shelving safe?

Yes, mobile shelving is safe—and can actually be safer than static shelving.

Have you ever entered an overcrowded storage area? If so, you may have noticed items pushed to the back of the shelves, stacked haphazardly on top of one another, or cluttering up the aisle floor space. 

The fact is, a disorganized storage area presents a major safety concern for workers. The more crowded a storage space is, the higher the risk of trips, falls and other injuries. By optimizing your storage area, your organization can eliminate these hazards and make it easier and safer for employees to access the items they need.

Spacesaver mobile shelving is equipped with a variety of safety features, including safety sweeps, brakes and anti-tip rails. There are multiple safety systems to choose from, and the best choice will depend on a number of factors. 

For instance, will your mobile shelving incorporate powered or manual operations? Will it be accessed only be trained personnel, or by the general public? Systems & Space can recommend the right safety features for your project on a case-by-case basis.

Floor-Level Safety Options for Mobile Shelving

Every aisle is required to have a minimum of one safety sweep. Organizations may choose from two distinct options: PHOTO SWEEP® and SAFETY SWEEP.

PHOTO SWEEP® was designed for powered operations. An infrared light beam is projected along the length of the carriage at its base, sweeping the area for obstructions. All system movement will be stopped immediately if the light is broken by a person’s foot or another object. The infrared light beam is unaffected by sunlight or ambient light extremes.

SAFETY SWEEP is an option for both powered and mechanical-assist operations. It provides full aisle protection for both people and objects in the open aisles by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact with an obstacle. As soon as the Zero Force Sensor detects a person’s entry into a moving or open aisle, all carriage movement is immediately locked down—zero effort required on your part.

Additional Safety Options for Mobile Shelving

In addition to the required floor-level safety sweep, your system can also be equipped with one or both of the following safety options.

AISLE ENTRY SENSOR: Cross-aisle sensors with invisible beams are mounted 20 inches above the carriage  base. If a person enters an aisle that is closing, the sensors will trigger the system to cease all movement. Additionally, if a person enters an aisle that is opening, the sensors will prevent the aisle from closing again until the system is reset.

ZERO FORCE SENSOR®: Multiple infrared photoelectric beams are projected across an open aisle, along the full length of the carriage. As soon as a person enters the aisle, their presence is detected and carriage movement is locked down.

Additionally, any of our systems can be designed to close and lock when not in use, and can provide restricted access using locks or PIN-codes. Optional overhead lighting can be added to increase safety and convenience.

Systems & Space prioritizes safety, and will work closely with your organization to determine the best possible safety measures for your mobile shelving system. Contact us today for more information.


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