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Manage Your University Mailroom with Intelligent Locking Systems


Intelligent locking systems are secure and efficient, making it easier for university mailroom employees to manage incoming packages for on-campus students.

Last minute textbook orders, care packages during the holidays and exam periods, dorm room decorations and furniture – these are just a handful of the types of packages that university mailrooms across the country receive and process on a daily basis.


It’s important for both students and mailroom staff to have a package processing system that is efficient, secure, and organized. Unfortunately, this has become a major challenge for many universities and colleges.


The good news? There’s a solution that will make it easier than ever for students to receive their packages when they need them, and to reduce stress for busy university mailroom employees.


Read on to learn how intelligent locking systems can help you better manage your university mailroom.

Problems University Mailrooms Face

Tasked with managing incoming mail for thousands – or even tens of thousands – of students, it’s no surprise that the current package delivery process is a nightmare for many campus mailrooms.


Certain times of the year can be especially hectic, such as the start of each new semester when students are rush-ordering textbooks, calculators, and other school supplies. Exam periods and holidays are particularly busy as well, when parents and grandparents are more likely to send care packages and gifts.


It’s easy for university mailrooms to become inundated with packages, causing mailroom staff to feel overworked and exhausted. Lack of storage space is an issue as well, especially when packages aren’t picked up by students in a timely manner. Cluttered mailrooms make it easier for parcels to become lost or damaged, which can be a major issue when the contents include expensive textbooks or laptops.


For busy students, it can be difficult to pay a visit to the campus mailroom in between classes, part-time jobs and studying, which can be frustrating when they’re eager to pick up their parcels. Mailroom backups and long waiting lines can even prevent students from receiving important textbooks and supplies by the time their classes start, leading to stress and anxiety.

There’s a Better Way: Intelligent Locking Systems

Express intelligent locking systems from BeCode are fully keyless. Instead, they utilize randomly generated codes to keep parcels secure. These codes are created the moment a package arrives to the mailroom and is placed into a locker, and are instantly sent to the student.

Here’s how they work:

  1. A student’s package arrives to the university mailroom.
  2. The package is placed into a locker (Note: Our keyless lockers can accommodate parcels of all sizes and shapes).
  3. With the push of a button, a random one-time use code is generated. This code, along with the locker number and location, is automatically sent by email or SMS text to the student.
  4. The student retrieves their package at their convenience by visiting the locker and entering the code, which automatically opens the locker.

Express, can be used with an app (available for IOS and Android) or via the web-based version. Because students are notified the moment their parcel arrives, they don’t need to wonder where their package is in the transit process, or check in with mailroom staff multiple times to see if it’s there.

Intelligent locking systems also allow mailroom staff to quickly process incoming deliveries, since they won’t need to spend time finding storage space or notifying students of package arrivals. It can also free up time that they used to spend searching for packages and handing them off to students.

By using intelligent locking systems in your university mailroom, you can reduce:

  • The amount of manpower required to effectively manage and process incoming parcels
  • The number of times the parcel changes hands before making it to the student
  • The length of time the package spends in the mailroom
  • The number of packages that become lost or damaged in the mailroom

Learn more about how our keyless intelligent locking systems can help your university mailroom – contact us or request a quote!




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