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Keyless Security Locks: How to Secure Your Workplace Locker Room

Keyless security locks are the ideal workplace locker room solution for corporate offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants, warehouses, stores, and other job environments.


Secure Your Workplace Locker Room with Keyless Security Locks

Providing secure storage for employees is an important part of managing many workplace environments. For instance, workers who need to change into specific uniforms – such as nurses, construction workers, or wait staff – can benefit from having a designated space to change and to store their clothing and personal items.

Additionally, some managers have taken a stance against texting or making personal calls while on the clock, particularly in customer service-oriented roles or in environments where safety is a concern, like hospitals or factories. Having secure storage for your employees’ belongings makes it easier to enforce these types of rules, and gives your staff peace of mind while they’re on the clock.

Many forward-thinking offices – from advertising agencies to architecture firms to corporate offices – have also adopted workplace storage space to help them remain competitive and to attract top talent. Adding amenities like workplace lockers can help employees feel valued, and foster a company’s reputation for treating their employees well.

Of course, there are some downsides to using traditional combination or key lockers in your workplace. Combinations can be forgotten and keys can go missing, resulting in wasted time for both staff and managers.

Keyless Security Locks are the Ideal Solution for Workplace Locker Rooms

Whether you’re updating your workplace fitness center or installing day lockers in your office space, keyless security locks are the solution to all of your workplace locker room woes.

Using keyless security locks couldn’t be easier; employees simply choose a locker, generate a random one-time use code with the push of a button, place their belongings inside, and close the locker. They can trust that their keys, phone, wallet, clothing, shoes, and other belongings are safe and secure while they work, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to the job at hand.

At the end of the work day, they simply open the locker using their unique code and grab their personal items. At this point, the locker automatically becomes ready to generate a new code for the next employee to use the locker.

If an employee forgets their randomly generated code, the system administrator (a designated person at your workplace) has the power to query the currently valid code or generate a new code in order to access the locker.

Workplaces that Benefit from Keyless Security Locks


  • Open layout offices, which can quickly become cluttered if personal belonging are not stored away
  • Workplaces with long shifts, such as restaurants, bars, hospitals, and airports
  • Workplaces that require employees to wear specific uniforms
  • Workplaces with occupational safety hazards, such as factories and warehouses (where phones and other belongings are usually not allowed on the floor)
  • Offices with communal areas like employee break rooms and meeting spaces
  • Corporate offices with on-site gyms and fitness centers


Locker rooms with keyless security locks can help your workplace stay organized and safe, keep employees from becoming distracted, and boost staff morale. Learn more about how our keyless security locks can help improve your workplace locker room – contact us for a quote today.



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