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Key Steps to Improve Medical Office Storage in Northern California

 In any medical office or facility, a disorganized or cluttered space is detrimental to progress. Staff shouldn’t have to spend needless time and energy searching for supplies or the medical records they need. With proper storage and shelving solutions and an organized system, staff can focus on getting their jobs done. 

For the past 25 years, Systems and Space has helped companies in Northern California consolidate space and improve storage. Here are a few solutions to explore for your medical office.

Think Mobile & Modular

If your current space feels cluttered or too small, you may be exploring an expansion or even considering a change in location. Systems and Space’s High Density Mobile Shelving systems are designed with all office types in mind and will save you from a costly move or expansion. Mobile shelving replaces existing stationary shelving, eliminating unnecessary aisle space because only one aisle of floor space is occupied at any given time. Based on your facility’s needs, you can choose between low profile, the most transferable mobile system; standard, the most widely used system; or heavy-duty for large and bulky items. 

Another mobile solution? Modular storage. If your business is in constant movement, modular may be the way to go. This system has been utilized in a variety of organizations, from IT departments to medical offices, due to its easy, effortless reconfiguration — make changes as your business needs or space demands. The modular system consists of a basic frame, a unique rail system and a host of components such as bins and shelves that hang on a horizontal rail, making it easy to retrieve frequently used items or supplies. It is also available as a high-density storage system, which compresses two rows of storage into one deeper space, thereby reducing the need for an aisle. In either solution, staff will be able to easily locate the materials they need without having to hunt for them. Choose from bright colored bin options to make finding items even easier.

Is your casework not measuring up? Again, try a modular storage option for your medical office. Systems & Space can be a single-source provider to you for all your casework needs throughout your entire facility. Designed to fit within nurses’ stations, labs, procedure, exam and patient rooms, and in any medical office. It’s reusable with no tear out or rebuild and offers custom configurations to meet the exact needs of your space. It also meets HIPPA requirements. With over 55,000 products to choose from, Systems & Space can work with your office or facility to design casework that matches your unique style and work space needs. 

Your existing space can be the right space. Systems & Space can help you organize, consolidate and reinvent your storage area to fit your unique needsno expansions or costly relocations necessary. With a focus on consolidation and organization, our solutions will help your staff find what they need faster, so they can get back to work faster. Contact Systems & Space to learn more about our customizable storage solutions today.


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