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COVID-19 Cold Storage Solutions for Northern California Labs

2021 is barely underway, but already the talk of the year is COVID-19 vaccinations. For physicians, medical personnel, medical lab staff across the country, and truly, for anyone anxious for this shelter-in period to be over, the vaccinations offer a light at the end of this long tunnel.

While the vaccinations promise relief, they are not without their own complexities. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations require cold storage before administration. Pfizer requires an aggressive -70°C (-94°F) storage for up to 10 days, unopened, prior to administration. Moderna requires a less severe -20°C (-4°F) freezer storage. With both vaccines in high demand in 2021, many Northern California labs may be questioning how to manage their cold storage requirements alongside the staggering amount they’ll need on hand, ready for distribution. Thankfully, Systems & Space can help.

More Space, More Results

Systems & Space optimizes every cubic foot of space in your lab’s walk-in cold rooms with ActivRAC Mobilized Storage. With this solution, new or existing stationary shelves are mounted on a carriage-and-rail system that has been custom designed to fit your cold room. This means more space within your lab to host more vaccinations and test kits.

Traditional stationary shelving wastes space and time. The ActivRAC system mounts shelving or racking on carriages that slide along rails installed on the floor. Rather than having multiple static aisleways, this reduces the number of open aisleways to just one at any given time. This means lab staff can quickly and efficiently locate test samples and vaccinations without needlessly spending time on their knees or assisted on stools, rifling through drawers. A tidy, organized cold room helps boost staff morale by reducing stress and enabling them to focus on what matters most: serving patients.

In addition to space-saving benefits, the ActivRAC system holds up in consistent, freezing temperatures, without rusting and offers antimicrobial coating options, making your Northern California lab the convenient and most hygienic solution for storing the in-demand COVID-19 vaccinations.

Results by the Numbers

Optimized cold storage directly translates to increased lab capacity. Increased lab capacity means increased testing capacity. With the ActivRAC system, one COVID-19 laboratory achieved a 6x increase in testing capacity — approximately 50,000 more tests per day.

Imagine what 50,000 more tests per day could do for your lab. Alongside the relief it would bring to your patients anxiously awaiting results, it would bolster your lab staff’s pride in their work. Now more than ever, medical staff working to administer and distribute the COVID-19 vaccinations are the heroes we all need. 50,000 more tests equates to 50,000 more people vaccinated than the day before. Imagine if the numbers calculated, per day, were not case or death quotas, but those vaccinated? Imagine a time when we calculate the well and not the sick.

Imagine what it could do if all labs installed this system. That long tunnel noted above would be much shorter.

Interested in optimizing your cold storage room with the ActivRAC system? Contact us.


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