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Are you in the process of designing your commercial cannabis grow room in Northern California? No matter the size of your operation, maximizing your available space while prioritizing the health of the plants is key to a smart commercial grow room design. 

There are many moving parts and big decisions to consider, each with the power to affect your yields—and therefore your profits. From the type of shelving to the use of resources like lighting and irrigation, these tips will help you optimize your commercial cannabis facility. 

Maximize Floor Space

An efficient grow room design takes advantage of every square inch of available space. After all, you’ve purchased the space (or are paying each month to rent it), and are also footing the bill for utilities like water and electricity. By leaving floor space unused, you are essentially throwing that money away each month.

So how can cannabis growers maximize their available floor space? Firstly, ditch the static shelving in favor of a carriage-and-rail system like the GROW Mobile System

Unlike traditional shelving, which requires multiple open aisleways at all times, this mobile growing system moves along rails installed into the floor. Only one aisleway needs to be open at any given time, meaning more floor space can be used for growing plants.

Go Vertical

Many cannabis growers don’t give much thought to the vertical space in their grow rooms. But with the right shelving system, you can transform this empty wasted space into a multi-level growing area that accommodates more plants.

Imagine what it could mean for your profits if you were able to double the number of plants in your grow room, while working with the same amount of available floor space? That’s the difference vertical cannabis shelving can make. 


Your plants need light for the process of photosynthesis. However, they also need periods of darkness in order to grow. When designing your commercial grow room, choosing the right lighting system is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make. 

It’s best to start with a room that is completely light-proof, so you can have full control over the hours of light and darkness. White walls will help to reflect the light onto the plants, whereas dark colored walls will absorb more light.

LED lights are the most popular lighting option for commercial cannabis growers, since the bulbs don’t generate as much heat (which can make the grow room too hot, especially if you have a large space) as HID lights. They also tend to reduce costs over time.


Having the ability to maintain the correct temperature is crucial to your commercial grow room design. All light sources generate some amount of heat, which your HVAC system will need to correct. Dehumidification is another important consideration, as too much moisture can increase the risk of mold and rot.

Cannabis plants require fresh air and healthy airflow, which mimics natural growing conditions and strengthens the plants. A fan can provide consistent air circulation, while spacing out the plants so that they are not overcrowded will ensure that the fresh air reaches each and every plant. Air purification technologies can further reduce the risk of airborne contaminants, such as mold and bacteria.


There are a number of irrigation options you can choose from when planning your commercial grow room design. Hydroponic growing has become an incredibly popular option in recent years, as it’s the most sustainable method.

Alternative options include drip irrigation, flood tables, and hand watering. As your cannabis operation grows in size, hand watering is less likely to be a viable option. In any case, uniform watering is important for ensuring consistent, healthy plant yields.


Lastly, security is a highly important consideration in commercial grow room design. How is your facility ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to access and enter the grow room? An ID system will help you track who is entering and exiting your facility at all times, while keeping unauthorized users out. 

An alarm system and surveillance cameras are smart investments as well. The right security system will not only protect your assets, but will also help employees feel safer and ensure that your operation is up to local codes.

Interested in optimizing your commercial grow room design, and growing more cannabis plants in the same amount of space? Contact Systems & Space today!


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