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Search no more! Division Section Vendors at your Doorstep, Overview (1 of 4) | Systems & Space, Inc.

We’re here to make it easy for you. At Systems & Space, we understand the frustrations of trying to find the right vendor for each division section of a project, which is why we are reaching out to you.


So, who are we?!


Since 1988, Systems & Space has provided comprehensive storage solutions by working with end-users, architects and the design community.  We are storage experts who provide customized design and installation plans for virtually any storage vision or challenge.  We specialize in developing storage and workflow solutions and control the destiny of each project through our inhouse Design, CAD, Installation and Operations department.


We work and have successfully completed projects with:


  • Devcon Construction
  • Dome Construction
  • DPR Construction
  • Novo Construction
  • Otto Construction
  • Plant Construction
  • Roebbelen Construction
  • Rudolph & Sletten
  • Walsh Construction
  • Webcor
  • XL Construction




How can we help YOU? We offer a wide range of products. Here are the division sections we offer services for and products that fall within each section:


Division 10: SPECIALTIES


  • 10 56           SHELVING
    • Spacesaver 4-Post Shelving
    • Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving
    • Spacesaver Library Shelving
    • Spacesaver FrameWRX
    • Spacesaver Raptor Rack
    • Shutter Down rolling security shutter doors
    • Viking Cabinets


    • Spacesaver Wheelhouse
    • Spacesaver Mechanical Assist High Density Mobile System
    • Spacesaver Eclipse High Density Mobile System
    • Spacesaver High-Bay System
    • Spacesaver Levpro
    • Spacesaver ActivRAC
    • Spacesaver Modular Bi-File


    • Spacesaver Art Racks
    • Spacesaver Viking Museum Cabinets


Division 11: EQUIPMENT

  • 11 51 23    LIBRARY STACKS
    • Spacesaver Library Shelving
  • 11 53         LAB EQUIPMENT
    • Metal Lab Casework and Equipment


Division 12: FURNISHINGS

  • 12 35         CASEWORK
    • Modular Casework Solutions


Stay tuned, in our next blog we’ll cover each division section individually for a complete look.


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